• Behavior Rehab Center (Boot Camp)

  • Behavioral Rehab Center in Apopka.


    We treat your dog as family.

    Dog’s Best Friend also offers a Behavior rehab training center. If you are having severe behavioral issues and need more than the in-home session, our doggie boot camp is another option. Certain behaviors take longer to correct so it varies from dog to dog as to how long it will take to correct. A week or two of regimented rehab could be the difference maker. Our rehab center can help get your dog back to being a friendly, social, well- behaved member of the family. As we live onsite, your dog will be monitored 24 hours a day. They will co-exist as a family with our own pack of 6 dogs along with any number of client dogs that are here for boot camp or just general boarding which is also available. It’s a home style atmosphere that you and your pet will really like. When your dog is with Dog’s Best Friend, they’re family.


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