• In Home Dog Training Orlando

  • In Home Dog Training

    Most dog behavior problems can be dramatically improved or corrected in one visit to your home. My in home sessions are approximately 2 hours long. Much will depend on how responsive your dog is to training, but mostly on how quickly you learn the leadership skills needed to effect behavior changes. I’ll work with you and your dog demonstrating the techniques used to correct the unwanted behavior, and give you all the tools you need to take what I start and continue the process after I leave.

    I don’t sell multi-lesson packages for thousands of dollars and there is never any pressure from me to come back for additional sessions. I will only contact you to check on your progress and to see how your dog’s rehabilitation is coming along. I am a mere text, call, or email away if you have any questions. All follow up calls are free. I want to help you succeed.

    Services include the following:

    • Teaching you pack leader skills and how to handle any and all situation you may encounter. I will teach proper leash walking, come when called, along with techniques to correct excessive barking, jumping on people, pulling on leash, improper greeting of guests, over-excitement, rushing door when bell rings and any other.
    • Controlling aggression issues toward other dogs or people, dominating your house, food or toy aggression, destroying personal property.
    • Eliminating neurotic behavior: Excitement or fear urination, separation anxiety, fear of humans or dogs.


    • No charge for in home visit if you don’t notice a difference in your dog before I leave.
    • No expensive multi-lesson packages to commit to.

    Call 321-689-6725 now to reserve speak with Paul and schedule a free consultation!

    “Creating well-balanced families one dog at a time.”